“Indian esports market is picking up steam, with an estimated four million enthusiasts,” says Manish Agarwal, CEO of Nazara. “We want to develop the ecosystem to enable competitive online and offline gaming, create local leagues and boost esports as spectator sports in India.”


With Electronic Sports League (ESL) as one of Nazara's investors, the approach, Agarwal says, is to include localized content creation around global events such as ESL One, ESL Pro League, Intel Extreme Masters and The International, and bring in sponsors. “This will give a massive boost to the creation of best esports players in India.”

  • Source : Forbes

The eSports market is growing at a fast pace as it becomes more and more popular around the world. The Indian eSports audience is strong, with an estimated two million enthusiasts and two million ‘occasional viewers’, but is expected to grow more than fivefold by 2021, according to a report titled, 'Industry Insights for Online and Mobile Gaming in India' by Frost and Sullivan, January 2018.


  • Source : Yourstory.com

According to a joint report by search giant Google and consultancy firm KPMG, India’s online gaming industry is expected to reach $1 billion by 2021 from the current $360 million, growing at a brisk 20% per annum.


  • Source : Quora


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